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Sidr Honey Premium 350g


Sidr Honey Premium Collection



Sidr Honey Balgiah Test:-
Sight: The finest Sidr honey, has a brown-reddish hue that does not change over time, unlike ‘impersonator’ honey.
Touch: Sidr honey is sticky and cannot be washed from the hands easily, unlike inferior counterparts.
Smell: You can distinguish raw honey from the fakes by its odour, the Sidr tree has a unique, aromatic smell.
Taste: Honey with added sugar-syrup is far sweeter than Sidr honey.

Kaaba Door Sajadah


– 110cm by 70cm

– Thickness 8mm

– Soft Silk Cotton

– Made by the People Of Medina Munawwarah

Kasturi Black Attar


A black and concentrated musk that is woody with a strong hints of mints and flowers. Very distinguished. Long lasting.

Kasturi Putih Attar


A clear and concentrated musk with a deep and rich scents of sweet
mint with hints of flowers. For the conservative.

Kasturi Kijang Attar


A deep and rich scent of sweet
mint and musk with hints of flowers.
Vvery sophisticated.

Amber Green


An intense floral and ambery oud with an
element of Agarwood and spice. An
exceptional fragrance to bask in precious
green oud.

Kasturi Susu Attar


A white must that is concentrated with
deep and rich scents of sweet
mint with hints of flowers.

Amber Red


An intense floral, ambery oud fragrance
with an element of spice. Luxurios to those
who recognises the smell of sandalwood.