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Lamarckii Honey


Egytian Honey – Egypt’s little Secret

Habbatus Sauda Honey


Habbatus Sauda Honey – A double whammy for the immune system.

Maraee Honey


Maraee – The Best of The Best
The Speciality Honey

Pure Sumrah Honey


Sumrah Honey only harvested once a year
from Sumrah Flowers



For daily consumption of Sidr Honey

Sidr Honey Premium 350g


Sidr Honey Premium Collection



Sidr Honey Balgiah Test:-
Sight: The finest Sidr honey, has a brown-reddish hue that does not change over time, unlike ‘impersonator’ honey.
Touch: Sidr honey is sticky and cannot be washed from the hands easily, unlike inferior counterparts.
Smell: You can distinguish raw honey from the fakes by its odour, the Sidr tree has a unique, aromatic smell.
Taste: Honey with added sugar-syrup is far sweeter than Sidr honey.