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Sidr Honey Premium 350g


Sidr Honey Premium Collection

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A well-kept secret, Yemeni Sidr honey is one of the very finest mono-floral honeys in the world.
It is of high value due to its history, limited availability throughout the year and its special nutritional
and medicinal properties. It comes from the Sidr tree which can be found across the Middle East.
But can also be found in Pakistan, India, Libya and Sudan. Its properties date back to ancient times with the Sidr trees being mentioned in the Holy Quran. The fruit, leaves, roots and bark are used to treat a variety of ailments. Its curative and anti-inflammatory properties have been trusted for centuries from disinfecting wounds to healing skin problems. Along with its nutritional and curative benefits, this honey has a distinctive, rich caramel taste. This is due to the nature of the soil in certain areas of Yemen and because of its remote location, the bees have to travel long distances to extract this nectar from the tree. Yemeni beekeepers use traditional methods and do not use chemicals or antibiotics to keep the honey pure.


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