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Maraee Honey


Maraee – The Best of The Best
The Speciality Honey



You can take it on its own or perhaps you may wish to use it with warm water as a healthy tonic against seasonal cold or allergies. Mara’ee comes from the Arabic word that means “Speciality”. This is a classic honey and have been in a regular diet of the Yemeni and more often than not, has been consistently considered the “best of the best”. Due to fact that this is a poly-floral honey. Honeybees feed on the nectar of various wild flowers in the rich desert areas of the region. These flowers include Sumra Flowers, Sidr Flowers and some other wild flowers which are native to that particular region of the world. The composition and taste of this extraordinary honey happens due to the the rich soil, the dry desert air and the nutritious mix of exotic flowers’ nectar.

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