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Louben (Gum Arabic)

Gum arabic or Louben is actually the sap from the Acacia tree. It consists of salts, potassium, magnesium, calcium and a sugar group of ribose and alarapin. Mainly chewed, drank or burnt as an incense.

Turkish Sumac 120g

$15.00 $12.00

Sumac is probably best known as a culinary spice.
People have also used it in
traditional herbal medicine
practices for centuries.

Morocco Saffron 1G


100% Moroccan Saffron

Argan Soap with Habbatus Sauda


Argan Oil soap blended with Habbatus Sauda Oil

Argan Soap with Honey


Argan Oil soap blended with honey.

Oud 24 Hours


Oud 24 hours 100ML Arabian Perfume Spray

Lamasat AL Oud


Lamasat Al-Oud
Unisex 100ml Eau de Parfume

Asalat Al Oud


Asslat Special Edition

Lataffa Washwasha


Washwasha for Women

Oud Khalifa


An alternative fragrance to Armani Prive
Oud Royal

Mukhalat Malaki


This is a luxurious frangrance that is very expressive.