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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olea Kotti’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Certified Organic by three accalimed organic certification organisations. They are USDA Organic, ECOCERT France and the French Ministry of Agriculture Biologique. The organic process is traceable. Pesticides and herbicides are not used all. The Olive Cultivars used for these magnificent Olive Oils are handpicked from very arid regions in Tunisia which are personally inspected by Dr M A Kotti himself. They are only pressed in small quantities, on the same day they are harvested.



Olea Kotti’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a distinct flavour and a typically pleasant aroma coupled with a fruity taste. We guarantee you a sensory adventure of breathtaking stimulation that will transport your senses directly to Tunisia.

This extraordinary olive oil has been certified by USDA Organic, ECOCERT France and Agriculture Biologique France for being Organically Produced by which the process is traceable. This Organic Olive Oil is exceptional for cooking, sauteeing, as a salad dressing and bread dip. It also taste great if you trickle some honey on your bread. Some people even consume it by the small glassful for medicinal purposes.

It’s not a surprise that Olea Kotti has received 19 gold awards between 2021 and 2022. The jury at NYIOOC Global Olive Oil Competition in 2021 declared Olea Kotti as one of the BEST Olive Oils in the World. Also in 2021, the distinguished jury at Berlin’s World Olive Oil Competition hailed Olea Kotti’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as one of the World’s Elite Olive Oil.

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