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Bakhoor Paste


Our bakhoor paste is made from natural ingredients only. Our Bakhoor Paste uses Sandalwood, Agarwood and Pine leaves as a base



A family traditional secret sets our bakhoor paste apart from the rest. Our bakhoor maker has inherited this heavenly scented secrets from her ancestors who travelled from Egypt to Tunisia during ancient times bringing the family secret along their journey.

Our bakhoor is hand-made and fire is used in the process by mixing specific resins and natural oils and baked in a short period of time.

Each of our Bakhoor paste may include dried dates or honey, or gum arabic and then formed into 5gram balls or wet pellets. These truly beautifully scented balls or pallets are allowed to mature in a controlled environment where the fragrances mingle and unite.

Our Bakhoor paste brings forth the luxurious lifestyle of ancient civilizations whilst creating a sense of tranquility with its beautiful and unique scents.


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